The history of ahc international
AHC International Consulting Inc. located in Wels, Austria works in the hotel industry, in the fields of project development, construction, business operations and consulting since 1983.

Ahc international personnel consulting Ltd., partly under Austrian ownership, has been a significant representative of the domestic personnel consulting market for the last 23 years. The majority of our partners are recurring clients, mostly large multinational companies and local mid-sized enterprises in the manufacturing sector, finance, tourism industry and gastronomy, the pharmaceutical area, trade, transport & logistics, building services engineering, housing management and in the field of SSC.
In Hungary we were the first company specializing in placement services of personnel in executive positions within the tourism, hotel and hospitality industry, which made us market leader.
Our partners consist of international hotel companies, local and international three, four and five star hotels, high end restaurants, corporate catering services, travel agencies and online hotel booking businesses.
Our database, consisting of several thousand entries, is being updated constantly; middle and senior management representatives in the field of sales, marketing, e-commerce, finance, accounting, controlling, logistics, human resources, tourism, manufacturing and technics. A large number of the experts utilizing our services possesses reliable knowledge of foreign languages and often foreign work experience as well.

Our company’s good reputation, strength and success rest upon
our team’s professional knowledge, market awareness and system of relationships worth decades of cooperation
• the customer-oriented, fair and effective work of our colleagues, good partner relationship care and
• our workflows, which adapt flexible to the ever changing and evolving job market

We believe, that there is a perfect professional for every position!

Our company takes great care of our applicants, too. We endeavor to assist their job search with professional advices while emphasizing interactive communication.

Our biggest goal and company philosophy is to achieve a long and successful collaboration between our client and the employees we placed, along with great satisfaction on both sides!

„Even the smallest problem is important to us and even the biggest challenge can be tackled!”

ahc international személyzeti tanácsadó kft.
1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 53.
Phone: +36 30 251 2531


ahc international ltd. Bajcsy-Zs. út 53., H-1065 Budapest, Hungary tel:+36 30 251 2531
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